Diasporas Festival, Berkeley
May 9, 2014

The Dell'Arte Company brings an excerpt of its newest work, "Elisabeth's Book" to the Diasporas Festival of Contemporary Performance in Berkeley, California, on May 9 & 10. Inferno Theatre

THREE TREES to Western Washington
April 18, 2014

The Dell'Arte Company in "Three Trees" heads to Western Washington University for two shows, April 18 & 19th at 7:30 PM
A mixture of rollicking clown routines and poetic, theatrical

Humboldt Sponsors support
April 6, 2014

THANKS to Humboldt Sponsors for a $500 award to the 8th Grade Show for " costumes, props, and technical production." Congratulations to director Lydia Foreman and her cast from Blue Lake

World Commedia Day Feb. 25
February 21, 2014

World Commedia dell'Arte Day is celebrated every year on February 25, and is proclaimed by the Italian cultural association SAT as an action of the incommedia.it project in support of SAT's

TCG grant awarded to DAI
February 1, 2014

Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for theatre, announced recipients for the third round of its Global Connections program. Dell’Arte was awarded one of three


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If you are doing research on the company, the school, on physical theatre, Carlo Mazzone-Clementi, etc. you may find the following list helpful; it lists most of the print references, articles, interviews, reviews, award announcements, etc. in books, newspapers, and websites where information about us can be found. 
Thanks to Stephanie Roberts (MFA '06) for her help with this research.

Claire Canavan. "Created by the Ensemble: Generative Creativity and Collective Creation at the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre." Theatre Topics 22.1 (2012): 49-61. Project MUSE. Web. 20 Mar. 2012. muse.jhu.edu/

Jane Baldwin. "Collective Creation’s Migration from the Cote d’Or to the Golden Hills of California:  The Copiaus/Quinze and the Dell’Arte Company"

Original Writing by Dell’Arte Personnel: 

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About Dell'Arte International: Significant Sections/Chapters in Books
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Online Articles

In-Print articles
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Previews and Reviews

  • The Liar (Peer Gynt)
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  • The Golden State
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  • James Sims, Dell'Arte Company Makes Rare LA Appearance in February   http://losangeles.broadwayworld.com/article/  Dec. 14, 2007 Preview of "The Golden State"
  • Three Pigs
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  • Penthesilea
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  • Dell'Arte receives PRIZE OF HOPE, 2005. Northcoast Journal. http://www.northcoastjournal.com/calendar/events/prize-hope/
  • Joan Schirle receives TCG/Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellowship 2006 http://www.tcg.org/about/press/release.cfm?rel=48; http://www.tcg.org/grants/fox/fox_recipients.cfm
    "Eureka author, Dell'Arte win 2006 endowment awards." Eureka Times-Standard 12 Dec. 2005: a2. 
    "Otto Rene Castillo Award for Political Theatre." All Stars Project Inc.: Theatre for the Whole City. 
    "Theatre communications Group announces Grant Recipients in the National Theatre Artist Residency Program." The Pew Charitable Trusts. 6 May 2002.
    "Dell'Arte awarded 'Cornerstone' grant by Irvine Foundation." The Arcata Eye 25 July 2000, sec. Scene. 
    "Dell'Arte Awarded 'Cornerstone' Grant." The Humboldt Beacon 20 July 2000.  



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